Corporate Secretarial Services

Our responsibilities in providing this service cover:-

    • Annual statutory and regulatory compliance in Singapore and other jurisdictions
    • Proper maintenance of the statutory registers and records
    • Provision of named company secretary, nominee directors and nominee shareholders
    • Provision of named agent for foreign corporations
    • Planning and preparation for meetings of the Board, Committees and Shareholders
    • Attendance of meetings of the Board, Committees and Shareholders, including writing of minutes and advising on relevant issues
    • Preparation of written resolutions
    • Advice on the types of meetings required and promotion of best board room practice and corporate governance
    • Lodgement of requisite statutory forms and returns with various regulatory authorities
    • Preparation and submission of announcements to the Singapore Exchange
    • Preparation or review of Annual Reports and Circulars to Shareholders
    • Assistance in special assignments or corporate exercises e.g. status conversion of a company, share buyback schemes, capital reduction exercise, amendments to the Memorandum and Articles of Association and others
    • Striking-off of companies, members' voluntary liquidation and deregistration of branches of foreign corporations
    • Application for licences/permits or assistance with relevant registration with Government authorities
    • Provision of training in relation to compliance with and changes to laws, regulations and other business requirements
    Special Services